our humble beginnings

Klein Farms has been a dairy farm since Roy Klein moved here in 1935 with his family from the mid-west.

For the nearly 70 years that followed, Roy and his local wife, Ruth, raised a family and gave themselves to keeping the farm growing; always mindful to the simple country ways they were raised with. Their son, Layne, married local girl, Beth, in 1979 and together they eventually took over the farm operations while raising their own family.



changes in 2002

An accident in 2002 made the Klein’s look at their current situation and caused them to make some changes that resulted in the business they have today.

A sick cow rolled on Layne’s leg, breaking it and dislocating his foot, needing surgery and many months rest. A decision was made to sell just the milking cows and raise the young stock while stepping back and see where all this would lead. During the following year, bones healed, young cows delivering babies needed to be milked and they found themselves in the dairy business again. Needing to find a better way to sustain the farm, Layne and Beth experimented with the idea of making cheese from their milk. The idea blossomed into the business of cheese making and eventually, yogurt.

dairy story opening

The Dairy Store opened in October 2004. Not long after that they were selling their first batches of cheese.

They also obtained a Raw Milk license, allowing them to sell the milk on the farm property. After a few years of making a variety of cheeses, the Kleins began making yogurt. They also found that raising their own steer and selling the beef in the store by the pound was a profitable and popular product. Selling eggs gathered from local farms, and handling items like honey and maple syrup became a great addition to their store shelves. Family and friends help to keep the farm running. Layne and Beth’s children are grown and several work on the farm, both part time and full time. Their son, Jacob, and his wife Amanda, continue the farm’s day to day cow operations; with a special interest in breeding and cow genetics. Other family members help with everything from milking cows to the making of cheeses and yogurt. Currently there are twelve grandchildren that love the farm and enjoy helping whenever they can.


2016 and beyond

where we are today

On April 30, 2016, we moved to our new facility located near to the entrance of the farm’s driveway.

Visitors can now buy fresh products in our new Dairy Store, and may also enjoy their favorite flavor of homemade Ice Cream. Happy Holstein Ice Cream offers over 20 flavors of Ice Cream, all made in our new building, crafted with the best of ingredients. Deciding which flavor to indulge in may be your most difficult decision. Come and sit a spell, enjoy a cone, and visit the Farm.